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rerogative both o▓f nations and of individuals who make up nations." They are all entit

a historical course. There is no end e▓ither to development or to realizing the right to development. The latter

is an ongoing process of improvement. China is still in the primary stage of socialism and will long remain so. The inade

led to participate in

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quac▓y in meeting the ever-growing material and cultural needs of the people because of backw▓ard social production will remain the principa

l social problem. As a major developing country, China face▓s challenging pro

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blems and heavy tasks in development. In pursuit of more equal participation and▓ development, China needs consistent efforts to fully reali▓ze the peop

le's right to development.The prote▓ction of the right to development must be sustainable.▓ Sustainable development is a prere

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quisite for materializing the right to development, an embodim▓ent of intergenerational equity. Imbalanced, uncoordinated and unequal development reflects unsustai

nable development, as does an extensive development mo

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del. China is pursuing a sustainable approach to production, utilization and consumption of natural resour▓ces. China now follows a sustainable and resilient socio-economic developme▓nt path so as to meet the needs of both pre